The Elandah Leather Mug

Elandah Leather mugs ARE the highest quality leather drinking mugs made.  Each one is hand crafted and serial numbered.  As beautiful as they are, these mugs are extremely durable and designed to be used.  And most importantly, they are made in the U.S.A.

 We start with 2 layers of the highest quality, vegetable tanned leather from american tannerys.  Leather will not conduct cold and this double wall construction acts as a natural insulator. Our mug will keep drinks cold as long as the best insulated mugs on the market today. 

Our natural sealing method allows you to enjoy the look of leather inside and out, yet taste only what you pour into it. There is no brewers pitch or bees wax to crack or melt. No harsh chemical floor sealers. No plastic inserts or wooden bottoms. Our mugs are 100% leather. Each mug is handcrafted (a 38 step process) and of heirloom quality.  We proudly hand stamp our name and serial number onto each mug we make.  And we firmly stand behind our workmanship for Life.